the great art of overthinking

Thema: Kurzzeitbelichtung – Einfrieren von Bewegung mithilfe eines Blitzes
Equipment: Canon EOS 5D MarkIV, 24-70mm, 2 Aufsteckblitze + Schirm, 8kg Mehl, Wasser

we overthink in black and white, we compare, we doubt ourselfs at night
we wanna break free in colored thoughts, our minds a storm but we dream of seeing through the clouds
we get lost in questions bout who we are and where we wanna go, we wanna make memories in the afterglow

we try to flourish, to dance away the pain, we distract ourselfs with people in a frame
we scream, we cry, we kick, we pray, we fight the feeling to go away
yet we grow from the pain and move forward stil, cause were explosions in slow motion, we shine, we always will
we suffer from ourselfs but we have the power to overcome the sorrow. we have to internalise, that we‘ve never been hollow

Jänner 2020.

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Nora is a Photographer, Graphic Designer and Marketing Manager based in Linz, Austria. After her Marketing and Communication Bachelor she continued with Digital Design, Masterclass Photography. Nora is fascinated by Stories, Emotions and the aesthetics in life.